Restaurant, Pizzeria, Bar Belvedere

Restaurant – Pizzeria – Bar

The Restaurant “Belvedere” It offers both guests of the B&B Casa Bella Vista and to all other, the opportunity to enjoy delicious meals at lunch and dinner. Every morning you can start the day with a rich and excellent breakfast. And at all times you will have access to the bar for a drink, coffee, snacks and more. The restaurant has inside of windows that offer a panoramic view of the sea and of Mount Etna and a wonderful terrace with a view that takes your breath away.


Italian Breakfast Buffet

Croissants, cookies, coffee, Cappuccino, cakes, yogurt, milk, fruit juices, Donuts, brioche and more.
Included In The Price

International Breakfast Buffet

Bacon, cold cuts, cheese, eggs, bread and much more.
Included in the price

Lunch or dinner

Top of meat

A choice from the menu

Meat main courses

A choice from the menu


A choice from the menu


Cocktail, Amari, Coca-Cola, water, wine, beer, etc..
A choice from the menu

First fish

A choice from the menu

Seconds fish

A choice from the menu


A choice from the menu

Vegetarian Dishes

First, seconds and vegetarian pizzas
A choice from the menu


Pizzas Menu

Daisy, Capricciosa, Parmigiana , Snow White, etc
A choice from the menu


French fries, croquettes, etc..
A choice from the menu


The restaurant is open to all, every day at lunch and dinner. To book a table please call our customer service number: +39 095 29 33 838 or fill in and send the form below, We will answer you very quickly.

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To book a table at Ristorante Belvedere, fill out the form below, we will check availability and reply you as soon as possible to confirm your reservation.

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